The competencies of Novo Supply AG

Novo Supply AG has many years of extensive experience in all areas of the pharmaceutical supply chain. This knowledge makes us a competent partner for the pharmaceutical industry for the import and wholesale of orphan drugs.

Novo Supply AG always endeavours to meet the high demands of our customers with regard to the import, storage and dispatch of sometimes sensitive medicines. As a flexible company, we are willing to adopt innovative solutions and are open to new logistics concepts.

We support our customers with advice and look for the appropriate solutions for their product in the strictly regulated pharmaceutical distribution industry in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Value AddiTion

Value chain rare diseases 

Novo Supply AG is part of a value chain that specialises in the treatment of rare diseases. This value chain covers everything from the procurement of drugs from Germany and abroad to the care of patients by qualified nursing staff with a rare disease. The figure below shows the structure of this value chain, which offers the patients concerned a one-stop treatment solution.


Three legally independent companies are the main players in this value chain:

Novo Supply AG wholesaler
High Tech Home Care AG Private medical home care
Lerchengarten Apotheke AG Pharmacy  



Thanks to this cooperation, patients benefit from a qualified service with a comprehensive range of products. Drugs and auxiliary materials are delivered to the patient on time and patients receive the necessary support from the appropriate care services. These include the administration of infusions, coaching for self-injections, ensuring and increasing compliance with oral medication, management of adverse drug reactions, etc.

Our value chain sees itself as a partner and "extended arm" of the physician, who is always committed to the interest and well-being of the patient.

Early Access-Program

Imports on behalf of the authorisation holder

Novo Supply AG imports medicinal products on behalf of the marketing authorisation holder, which are then released for the Swiss market by the holder's technical manager.

Imports of medicinal products on behalf of the ordering medical person

Novo Supply AG supports you in the import of medicinal products that are subject to authorisation but do not have a marketing authorisation in Switzerland, in accordance with the Swiss Therapeutic Products Act (Art. 20 Para. 2 and 2 bis of the Swiss Therapeutic Products Act HMG; SR 812.21). This means that affected patients or service providers (hospitals, doctors, pharmacies) can be supplied.

Drugs that do not yet have a marketing authorization in Switzerland must already be approved in another country with comparable drug control.


Stock keeping

The storage infrastructure of Novo Supply AG guarantees GDP storage conditions at 15°C to 25°C and 2°C-8°C, as required by law and by our customers.

The storage temperatures are constantly monitored and fully recorded. The premises concerned may only be entered by authorised and previously instructed personnel.



Temperature controlled storage rooms

Novo Supply AG has various storage rooms for different storage conditions:

Cold storage
(2° C to 8° C)

The cold room is equipped with a refrigeration system with a double cooling unit, which are alternately active. In the event of an unforeseen power failure, the refrigeration system is operated with an emergency power generator, thus ensuring a continuous power supply.

Room temperature storage
(15° C to 25° C)

The room temperature warehouse is additionally air-conditioned.


Shipping in compliance with the cold chain

Novo Supply AG offers its customers tailor-made solutions for the GDP-compliant dispatch of medicines requiring cold chain compliance.

Our wide range of cool boxes for dispatch meets GDP quality requirements and test deliveries ensure reliability.

Shipping at room temperature

Novo Supply AG offers its customers various solutions for the GDP dispatch of pharmaceuticals at 15 - 25°C.

We strive to meet the highest quality requirements of our customers. We would be pleased to work with you to develop the most suitable, optimal shipping solutions to meet your specific requirements.