Our Services

Novo Supply AG offers its partners individually tailored solutions for the nationwide transport of pharmaceuticals in compliance with all rules of good distribution practice (GDP).

Infrastructure with high quality standards  

Novo Supply AG specialises in the handling of complex orphan drugs. These drugs require particularly high quality in storage, provision and transport. This must be guaranteed without interruption in order not to impair the active ingredients and to guarantee their efficacy.

Our entire infrastructure is geared to these comprehensive pharmaceutical requirements, is guaranteed by internationally valid GDP guidelines and is comprehensively documented in an internal quality management system.

This forms the basis for a consistently high quality of all services provided, which quality is also regularly monitored.

GDP-compliant logistics  

Novo Supply AG specialises in GDP-compliant logistics for temperature-sensitive medicines, including the import, dispatch and delivery of temperature-sensitive medicines that not only have to be stored at prescribed temperatures but also transported under these conditions (such as room temperature or in compliance with the cold chain requirements).

Drugs leave Novo Supply AG either by mail or are transported by other qualified carriers. All of them guarantee GDP-compliant logistics, which guarantees that the required transport temperatures are maintained without interruption.

Competent advice for tailor-made logistics solutions 

Thanks to a flat hierarchy and direct communication channels, we can quickly and easily develop suitable logistics solutions for the customer, which both meet the customer's requirements and comply with the GDP guidelines.

Therefore we work hand in hand with our customers. Trust and transparency are the prerequisites for developing a good solution that meets the needs of all parties involved. That's why our communication is always open, competent and direct, so that the cooperation results in an optimal, tailor-made logistics solution.

Returns management & batch recalls

Novo Supply AG, as a comprehensive pharmaceutical logistics service provider, naturally also supports its customers in returns management and batch recalls.